Avebury Manor

Project: Avebury Manor (The National Trust)
Location: Wiltshire

Historical Background

Avebury Manor is located on the edge of the small village of Avebury in Wiltshire, which is famous for being encompassed by the world's largest prehistoric stone circle. The manor house was transformed in a partnership between the National Trust and the BBC, creating a hands-on experience that celebrates and reflects the lives of the people who once lived here.

The Project

The celebrated interior designer Russell Sage was in charge of the design and execution of this innovative and ambitious project that was to decorate and furnish nine rooms at Avebury Manor, in four distinct period styles from the 500-year history of this National Trust property. Recorded by the BBC under the title 'The Manor Reborn', Zardi & Zardi was commissioned to make a set of wall-hangings to decorate the Tudor Parlour. 

Zardi & Zardi had previously been commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces to reproduce the Abraham series of tapestries from Hampton Court Palace. Special permission was negotiated to make a set for the National Trust to use at Avebury Manor. The original artwork of the Abaraham tapestries was digitally manipulated so proportions could be adjusted to fit into the Tudor Parlour. Each design was then printed onto heavyweight linen.  There was much debate over the strength of colour to be used – should they be as bright as the originals originally were when made 450 years ago or should they be mellowed to indicate the effects of the passing of time: wood smoke from the fire, sunlight through the windows? etc.