Eastnor Castle

Project: Eastnor Castle
Location: Herefordshire

Historical Background

Eastnor Castle lies at the foot of the Malvern Hills surrounded by a beautiful deer park, arboretum and lake. Between 1810 and 1824 the 1st Earl commissioned a castle that would impress his contemporaries and raise his family into the higher ranks of the ruling class. His architect, the young Robert Smirke,  (known for his design for the British Museum) proposed a Norman Revival style, though Pugin is known to have made some alterations to the inside.

The Project

Zardi & Zardi were comissioned to produce a copy of a tapestry from the Dining Room at Eastnor Castle whilst the original was being conserved. The large-scale Brussels tapestry depicts the Battle of Gaugamela (formerly known as Battle of Arbela), which took place in 331BC between Alexander the Great and Darius III. The restoration was due to take about a year, but in the end our reproduction hung for nearly 18 months.