Warwick Castle

Project: Warwick Castle
Location: Warwickshire

The Tapestry

In 2007, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) held an exhibition called 'Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of Spendour'. It was the first comprehensive survey of 17th century European tapestries. As an ambitious international loan exhibition it drew upon many fine examples including ‘Garden with Diana Fountain’ from Warwick Castle. Recognising that borrowing the tapestry left the Castle with empty wall space of a vast size, The Met commissioned Zardi & Zardi to make a reproduction to hang for the duration of the exhibition.

The Project

The Garden with Diana Fountain is from a set of five pieces entitled Garden Scenes with Mythological Fountains. This beautiful tapestry was woven by François Spiering in Delft at the very beginning of the seventeenth century. The design is attributed to Karel van Mander the Elder, “an artist fully capable of the spatial sophistication and inventiveness seen in this tapestry”.

This important tapestry was one of many that were loaned to the Metropolitan Museum of New York for their major exhibition 'Tapestry of the Baroque: Threads of Splendour'. Zardi & Zardi was commissioned to make a full-size reproduction to hang in place of the original so that the experience of the thousands of visitors to Warwick Castle was not diminished by its absence.